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Tips for Easter

One for you. One for me

Colour code your kids Easter goodies according to their age or gender, so that your little ones can hunt for their individual eggs by colour. This makes it easier for kids to find their eggs. This will give kids an equal chance during the hunt & encourage them to help each other hunt for their eggs.

Easter Alphabet

Easter Egg scrabble anyone? Add colourful alphabet stickers, write, or get crafty and paint letters on each egg. Set the kids loose on their egg hunt, gather the family and enjoy a tasty afternoon playing Easter Scrabble with extra Easter goodies for the winner.

Make a note!

Avoid finding that melted chocolate under the couch & make a list of what you hid, how many, and where. If your sneaky spots are getting too easy for the kids, it’s great to have a point of reference for next year’s hunt.

Safety first!

To make sure that your kids are safe throughout the hunt establish the boundaries of your Easter egg hunt through clues or providing them with a map.

X marks the spot!

Keep things interesting by setting up a treasure hunt for kids. Give each child an illustrated map, with pictures or drawings, to show them where the eggs could be hidden. You can also make the hunt more interesting by leaving clues at each location that hint at the next. Clues such as riddles, anagrams or cyphers will get their brains ticking and lead them to more difficult places, such as a novel on the book shelf or a certain herb growing in the garden.

Ola piñata

You can make your own easy egg-shaped piñata (instructions) and have the children take turns hitting it with a plastic bat while blindfolded. The one who bursts it open wins something special, this can also be included in your egg hunt.

Non-Chocolate Prizes!

Every child could get a non-chocolate prize for participating such as a colouring book or something small that can keep them occupied over the Easter break could work.

Get clued up!

Hide eggs with a written clue wrappers! The clue can be a riddle, rhyme, or anagram that will lead them to the next egg or location. This is perfect for the whole family, especially parent and child teams, siblings and children of all ages.

The Bunny was here!

Keep the legend alive and leave tell-tale signs and bunny footprints throughout the house and garden. You can make footprints out of plain paper, a carved potato, or even sprinkle some baby powder and put a bunny paw print in it with your fingers.

Don’t let it rain on your parade!

In case it rains unexpectedly, make a trail of little eggs from your children’s bedrooms to the map they need to find their eggs, their first clue, or one giant clue that will allow them to discover either a larger egg or a non-chocolate Easter gift.

No Garden? No Problem!

Whether it’s raining outside or you don’t have access to a garden, the hunt must go on! This nifty indoor Easter Egg hunt guide is as fun as an outdoor hunt, and may even be better. From hiding places, to nifty tricks & treats, this guide is all you need.

Make a day of it!

Easter is the perfect time to host the ultimate Easter Party! Perfect for children, teens and adults, an Easter party brings family and friends together to spend a day hunting for eggs, playing games, catching up, and making memories.

Beat the Easter holiday boredom!

Keep them busy over the annual Easter holidays with a variety of easy and fun Easter crafts. From super cute Easter Bunny Softies, to Easter Egg Terrariums, Wreaths and more. There is something to do and make for every child no matter their age or gender.

Something for the Big Kids!

Whether your spending the day in, planning a lavish dinner party, or treating your loved one, we have the ultimate Easter treats and recipes for adults right here.

Paint by Eggs!

All you need for an unforgettable Easter are empty egg shells, paint, canvas or paper, and an apron. Fill empty eggs with different coloured paints, take aim, and throw. The eggs burst onto the canvas and paper creating beautiful abstract and coloured art.

Re-use and recycle!

Have a basket full of plastic Easter egg shells left over? Here’s how to re-use these little treasures to serve a multitude of purposes that aren’t limited to Easter. You can use them for delicious homemade popsicles, mini snack boxes and as containers for small plants.

Sugar free Egg Fillers!

If you’re avoiding the inevitable Easter sugar rush, we’ve got a couple of fool proof plastic Easter egg filler ideas. Treat your darlings to stickers, hair ties, marbles, figurines, movie tickets, Legos, playdough, silly putty, bubbles, puzzle pieces and stamps.

Basket full of Balloons!

Make finding Easter eggs super easy to find for toddlers. Tie multi-coloured helium filled balloons to your treats when you hide them, the balloons make the treats super easy to find for small kids and allow them to fill their little baskets with treats.

Au Naturale!

Dying Easter eggs this year? We’ve found this incredibly helpful (and step-by-step) all natural guide to dying eggs, with amazing colours that include bright pink, sunshine yellow and so much more. Best part is, you can find all these ingredients at your local grocer.